Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling Women Review

December 4, 2013

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Even Better Than Before

When I learned that Patricia Miller was going to update and revise her Quick Scripture Reference for Women, I wondered how she could improve on a resource that was already so complete. But  she did!

The topics in the book are once again laid out in alphabetical order making it very easy to find the subject you are searching for. The author begins with the Gospel  (p. 15) and then tackles a wide variety of issues from Finances and Organization (p. 194) to the tough subjects the biblical counselor faces such as Infertility (p. 157), Self-harm (p. 227), and beyond to issues such as Substance Abuse (p. 269), and even Prostitution (p. 218).  

As in the previous edition, each topic has helpful cross references to related issues in the book. This is a great help in sequencing Scriptures for the counselee. Patricia also maintains the format of presenting a biblically true statement and then providing the Scripture reference with the printed verses supporting the statement. Many will appreciate her use of the English Standard Version for the printed verses.

Some Great Additions

A great addition to the revised copy is both the Practical Steps and the Resource material at the end of each topic. The author provides several “put-ons” to assist the biblical counselor in teaching the counselee specifically what to do to demonstrate repentance or to make a practical changes. In many cases these can be assigned as homework and used to assess change of heart that has led to change of life.

The Resource section follows the Practical Steps and here Patricia provides numerous titles of biblically-based books and other counseling materials written by many of today’s most prominent biblical counselors. This will possibly help the counselor in assigning homework to the counselee and will give her other books to add to her knowledge base of any of the 100 topics Patricia covers.

In addition to these great changes, many of the topics include a section called Biblical Narratives. Here she provides names of biblical persons of both the Old and New Testaments along with the chapter and verse where the reader will find their stories. 

Not Just for Women

While the topics contained in this handy and helpful volume are largely geared toward women, there are also many topics that are not gender specific. I would encourage every biblical counselor to add the revised and updated Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling Women to their library as it is a very practical and valuable resource! 

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