Fact or Faith Checker — How We Counsel In This Political Season

Kevin Hurt

As biblical counselors, we find ourselves dealing with the normal, and in one sense, common colds of life’s issues — anger, anxiety, depression, the need to forgive, etc. As a biblical counselor, when our counselees present these type of struggles to us, we turn to God’s Word and lead them to think and respond biblically. Continue reading

God’s Global Purpose: Biblical Counseling Beyond Our Borders

Kevin Hurt

The countdown to the Global Summit continues. We hope you are getting more and more excited about hearing from biblical counselors serving the Lord across the globe! We invite you to visit the Summit website and register to participate. Today’s blog, originally posted last summer by Kevin Hurt, reminds us that God’s purpose is to bring His Word to bear on the lives of people all over the world. How are you part of God’s global vision? Continue reading

God’s Worldwide Purpose & Biblical Counseling: Can You See the Connection?

Kevin Hurt

It is true that the Truth of God’s Word will be lived out and applied differently from culture to culture, but the core and life-changing truths of Scripture remain the same. It is an all-sufficient Word to serve God’s global purpose of reaching the world, not just for salvation but for sanctification as well. If we truly believe this, then we should have the upmost confidence in God’s Word to transform other cultures at any point in time. Continue reading

Two United Ministries of the Word

Kevin Hurt

Pulpit and Personal Ministry of the Word--Two United Ministries of the Word

You’re reading the third of a four-part BCC Grace & Truth blog mini-series on Uniting the Pulpit Ministry of the Word and the Personal Ministry of the Word. This series demonstrates that both preaching and biblical counseling are Word-based ministries. In Part One, Pastor Kevin Carson described how preaching helps counseling. In Part Two, Pastor Steve Viars explained how counseling helps preaching. Now in Part Three, Pastor Kevin Hurt pictures the beautiful synergy that occurs when these two Word-based ministries are united. Continue reading

How Do We Know Whether People Are Truly Changing?

Kevin Hurt

How Do We Know Whether People Are Truly Changing

We are becoming smarter in many ways while at the same time never learning how to do life. It would be safe to say that we are surrounded by the rise of knowledge, and at the same time a bumper crop of brilliant failures. Knowledge may rapidly change the conditions of the human experience and life, but it can never change the condition of the human heart. Continue reading

The State and Future of Biblical Counseling: A BC Movement Update

Kevin Hurt

The State and Future of Biblical Counseling - A BC Movement Update

You’re reading the fifth of a several-part BCC Grace & Truth blog mini-series on Updates on the Biblical Counseling Movement. We’ve asked several leaders of major biblical counseling organizations to share with you—our readers—what is happening in their ministries. In today’s post, Pastor Kevin Hurt shares updates about the IABC. Continue reading

Have You Ever Made the Connection?: The Biblical Counseling Coalition 2013 Leadership Retreat

Kevin Hurt

BCC 2013 Leadership Retreat Series

You’re reading Part Three of a four-part Grace & Truth mini-series about the Biblical Counseling Coalition’s 2013 Leadership Retreat. Many have said that they wish they could be a “fly on the wall” just to listen in on the conversation between four dozen biblical counseling leaders. This four-part series is one attempt to invite you in and give you a glimpse of our time together. Continue reading