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Why Do I Keep Doing the Same Sin Over and Over Again? Part 2

Why Do I Keep Doing the Same Sin Over and Over Again part 2

Note: Read Part I to learn the Galatians 6:1 background to Part 2.

My strength is weaker than my sin.

Let’s pretend you are caught in a bear trap somewhere deep in the woods. Let’s further pretend that your strength is zapped and you have no ability to open the jaws of the trap to release your bleeding ankle.

Your hope is diminishing by the second.

It is the nature of the bear trap to exert a greater power over your ability to overcome it. No Bear Trap Maker would ever make a trap that was easy to escape from.

It is the nature of sin to exert a greater power over your ability to extricate yourself. If you could extricate yourself from your sin, then you would not need a Divine Rescuer. There would be no need for a Gospel. The only way you can get out of the traps you get yourself into is through God-ordained means.

Back to the Woods

You decide to pray (yell) to God for help. How do you expect God to answer your prayer? Do you expect Jesus to show up and loosen the trap? Do you expect the jaws of the trap to miraculously pop open? It’s not likely that either one of those events will happen.

Does that mean God did not hear you and, therefore, is not going to help you?

The answer to that question really depends on your understanding of prayer as well as God’s ordained means of helping His children. What does Paul say? “…you who are spiritual should restore him…” (Gal. 6:1, ESV).

Rescue Happens in Community

Did you know that every time you prayed to God for help to get out of your habitual sinning that He heard you? Did you further know that He provided a solution to your problem?

One of the biggest reasons people get caught in sin and stay in sin is because they do not want anyone to know about the sinfulness of their lives. The man trapped in the woods needs the help of his friends. The man trapped in sin needs the help of other Christians.

That is the way it has to be.

A fool thinks he can habituate himself in sin all by himself and that he can get out of his sin all by himself. Not likely.

In Galatians 6, Paul is calling the body of Christ to attention. The “spiritual” in this verse simply means those who have the Spirit, the Christians. This is essential counseling my friends. You and I need the community of faith to help us out of our addictive behaviors.

And this is where the rub is. We don’t want to tell anyone about our messes.

Keys to Breaking Addictions

If you apply these biblical truths to your life, then you can get help for the repetitive sins in your life:

  • Humility: The road to change always begins with humility.
  • Transparency: You must intentionally and completely expose yourself.
  • Honesty: Only the whole truth and nothing but the truth about who you really are will help you.
  • Repentance: While all of the previous keys are part of repentance, I have created a ten-minute video that carefully unpacks a fuller understanding of the Doctrine of Repentance.
  • Contexts: Place yourself in the community of faith. A small group setting is ideal for habituated sinners like you and me. I have prepared Twenty-Five Articles about how to have effective small group life.

Friends, do not over-think the situation. Do not look for the next best book for your problem. The church, historically, has never needed the “next best book.” If you carefully apply God’s Word to your life, while authentically living in the context of like-minded believers, then sin can be defeated, no matter how habituated you have been.

Note: This blog was first posted by Rick Thomas at Counseling Solutions. To read the original post in its entirety, visit Why Do I Keep Doing the Same Sin?

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