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10 Ways that Satan Loves to Watch Marriages Fall Apart

10 Ways that Satan Loves to Watch Marriages Fall Apart

According the Bible, Satan prowls around like a lion looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8), but many times, he probably doesn’t have to do that much. I wonder if sometimes Satan sits back and laughs at us.

Marriage can be extremely messy. As sinners we can do dumb things in marriage—we hurt one another; we make false assumptions and then miscommunicate; we manipulate or say mean things to our spouse; we think less about serving and more about being served. We don’t always follow God’s Word or advice from godly leaders. We put our hopes in the world or each other more than we put hope in God.

We don’t need Satan to ruin our marriage. We do plenty of unhelpful things on our own to ruin our marriages. I’m sure Satan enjoys having a front row seat, watching our folly and foolishness.

What does he see?

The Battlefield of Marriage

1. Spouses live in the flesh and not in the Spirit (Galatians 5).

Picture a fight. You and your spouse are arguing about something big or small; and at just the right moment, you are faced with a decision. It’s the moment that I’ve heard some call the watershed moment—the point at which you pick a path to follow. You can satisfy your sinful flesh or follow the lead of the Spirit. You go down the path of a nasty fight or honor your spouse by admitting your wrong. Which do you typically choose?

2. No sex in the marriage (1 Corinthians 7).

If you are fighting, the last thing you want to do is to be intimate with each other, right? Conflict is a barrier to intimacy in marriage. The two are not one, but two. One of God’s purposes for sex is to foster “oneness” or unity (Genesis 2:24; 1 Corinthians 6) in your marriage. Couples who don’t have regular sex are allowing a barrier to come between them. No sex in marriage means the couples is less unified.

3. A husband is consumed by pornography (1 Thessalonians 4).

This causes him to be distracted from his wife’s beauty. Sometimes he gets drawn in by a pop-up. More often, he simply gives-in to lust (Galatians 5:13) and aggressively pursues it. She discovers it. It quickly shatters trust in the marriage. She is devastated and she asks questions like, “Am I not desirable?” “Why would he look at other women when he has me?” Worst of all, “Is there something fundamentally wrong with me?”

4. Lofty, sky-high expectations.

I’ve seen men crushed under the weight of their wives’ perfectionistic expectations. The husband says things like, “She expects me to be a holy man.” He constantly feels like a failure, and therefore has little to no incentive to actually work at the marriage. She beats him up (verbally, not physically) because (in the words of one spouse I counseled) “nothing else seems to work to get him to do anything.” 

5. Nuclear war (Romans 1:28-32).

You go head-to-head every night. You have nasty, mean, tears-evoking, loud-screaming, door-slamming fights. Sometimes it gets physical. And you are weary…very, very weary…because you don’t know how to stop the fights, yet you are tired of dealing with nuclear war every night of your life.

6. Avoidance and withdrawal (Ephesians 4:26-27).

The most basic response to any difficulty is the famous fight or flight response. In marriage, the flight response often looks like avoiding your spouse. Maybe you live in the same house, but you live separate lives. After a fight, you avoid one another rather than doing the hard work of dealing with each other. Or, maybe you hide at work in order to avoid the marriage. You are really good at your job, so you often get praise and affirmation at work, but never at home. Is it any surprise that you like being at work more, especially when home is a war zone all of the time?  

7. Hate speech (James 4:1).

In the heat of conflict, we say things that we all regret. I have a friend who calls this stupid talk.  Things come out of my mouth, and the moment it launches from my lips, I regret having said it. I wish I could pull it back and stuff back into my mouth. Sadly, I ignore the maxim, “Not everything that comes to my mind needs to come out of my mouth.”

8. Weak boundaries.

The husband flirts with a woman at work by saying nice things to her. He finds her attractive. He finds ways to go out of his way to encourage her, and sadly, he doesn’t ever demonstrate the same kind of deliberateness with his spouse. There is no physical, immoral interactions, but his verbal affirmations and emotional flirting goes beyond what would safely be deemed as platonic.  Wives are cable of doing this, too. Often times, in retaliation to the husband’s careless boundaries.

9. Work-idolatry (James 4:4-5).

You love your job and you pour yourself into it, to the detriment of your family. You rationalize, “They need me at work” or “She doesn’t understand the pressure I’m under at work.” If you were honest, you work matters more than your family. You cherish your job more than you do your wife and kids. 

10. Lying (Colossians 3:9).

Lying can destroy trust in a marriage. A spouse lies because he is trapped and doesn’t want to have his sin exposed. For example, a husband who has been secretly having an extra-marital affair….of course he is embarrassed for anyone to find out. He is emotionally and spiritually immature—in a word, you married someone with poor character. 

Sad, isn’t it, to see so much foolishness? This is the typical battlefield of bad marriage. This is why we put our hope not in ourselves, but in the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. It is sinners such as these that Jesus came to save (Mark 10:43-45).

Join the Conversation

“What marriage maladies would you add to this list?”

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  • concerned

    Involving children, other family or any others in to the many decision-making processes between a husband and wife, giving them an equal say in a matter that is primarily the private business of husband and wife. Seeking approval, advise, input from others and putting their opinions and ideas above your spouse’s thoughts and input. Letting others come between husband and wife in this way.

    • Monica

      My husband and I just married we live in separate states. We where to be joined at some point. He has done this and is now retreating what where to be our plans to rejoin solely based on his son. I’m willing to do whatever to be closer to him but he has one excuse after another why I should stay behind. His son and ex hate me and she has placed a lot of discontent in the sons eyes for me along as my husband with his own family. Basically he is choosing his son over me and thinks its ok. Idk what to do. There is so much more to this but basically I want his attention. Not his love replaced over his son but the love that is to be given and its rightful place I need as a wife.

      • Si

        Dear Monica, I empathize with you. Before you get into a relationship especially a committed relationship you want to make sure that all unfinished business has been solved. When a child is involved it becomes complicated. That man is physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially responsible for that child who is innocent. Hard to accept by most that all these can not be fully accomplished if the mother of the child is left out of the picture. God chosed the two to be parents for a reason. Our prayer is that when a man commits in marriage to another woman, the romantic relationship should be reserved for his wife. The wife should understand that she is not the child’s mother and should not act like one or try to separate the union that God put together (father, mother and child), and that the mother of the child should know and respect her limits. Also remember that if something happens to that child at mid night and the father has to be called, it is ok for the mother to get him out
        of whatever he is doing to attend to that call. Remember, it took two to tango. Pray for God’s wisdom to guide you.

        • Dale Prince

          Your wife and husband are more important than the children. That’s biblical no matter how you slice it. Of course love your children and teach them the word is your commandment from god. But he should be laying his life down for you. That is going against the word of god to not do that.

    • Left out

      This is probably the most hurtful form of stiff-arming a spouse because it us under the guise of being kind and considerate of others when in fact it is passively quite aggressive. It is upsetting the balance of a proper marriage. Instead of “forsaking all others” the spouse is seeking the comfort of others and sacrificing any possibility of intimacy with their spouse. The spouse becomes “the bad guy” or “party pooper”. They must go along with the decisions without being a part of them, or face the backlash. How sad. Yes, I am writing from experience. I have been falling prey to this tactic for years and am not sure how to set things aright without being hurtful. I want to be honest about the circumstances that have led to my spouse to using others to get what they want. I think my spouse has a very high need of approval of others for some reason and always has. I don’t know what to do about it really.
      I think they have become very popular in the church for always being there and always being fun, while I am left to take care of the responsibilities. I am often embarrassed at this needy behavior but hide it well I think. Could it be that my spouse is addicted to the Kudos he receives and has given up on trying to get them at home? the more years go by the more complicated this issue seems to get. I need to pray about what to do.

  • Sam Chacko

    Families that are consumed at the altar of consumerism and spend more than they have, so that they can put on an image to people around them.

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  • anonymous

    Criticism. The questions you say a wife asks herself in regards to her husband’s porn use are irrelevant in this environment – why WOULD’NT he be attracted to other women when he is clear in a multitude of ways that you have never been good enough in any area? No surprise there…

    • tom

      not sure the point you are making

      • Daughter of The Most High

        Me either…..that comment sounds like it came straight from the pit of hell.

    • jakara chakara

      you are a fool

  • Dawnex

    I would also add Busy-ness. When we find our identity in what we do instead of Christ, we frequently over schedule ourselves even with “good” things (i.e. church, volunteer work, relationships, kid stuff, etc. It is important to carve out daily and weekly time to just relax together for meals, catch-up time about life & family, heart-to-hearts about the state of your marriage, spiritual growth, sin, and goals, and time to joke around and laugh together.

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  • Michael Snow

    These all relate to the foundation upon which one builds. Bonhoeffer wrote, “Love does not keep the marriage. The marriage keeps the love.” We have lost any view of covenant and replaced it with a utilitarian love that has become a heresy.

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  • Carey

    From my experience, I’d say you hit all 10 directly on target. There are surely a few more to add, but these are a great start. Marriage has been called a sanctification-laboratory for good reason.

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  • Jan

    How about beginning to talk about a woman’s role in the maladies, which is way more than ‘she is also capable, but…’. I don’t think Christian counselling does neither the husband nor the wife any good by focusing primarily on the husband as the primary source of problems, nor is it following Biblical example as far as I can tell.

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  • intentional help meet

    -not being on your spouse’s side when they discipline the children, and coming to defend the children, rather than being a united front, working together. if there are things to be discussed, do it in private.
    -being unforgiving and bitter. reminding your spouse of their past sins
    -also having a child-centered home.

    • jody

      I’m sorry but I refuse to be at my husbands side when he would spank our son for not listening… Then he moved on to the “rod” because it was biblical… I learned the ove & Logic way of disciplining. His belief in corporal punishment didn’t solve anything… In fact my son was starting to hit me when he got angry/frustrated. Yes, I defended my son, my husband was furious at me for intervening but there’s a pretty good reason… Its called child abuse. We live still in the same house but sleep separately, he refuses to acknowledge that he was in the wrong, very self-centered and egotistical. My way of discipline has been 100% more effective (reward good behavior or undesirable consequences for bad behavior) than his old method of spanking. It cost me my marriage, however, but I just couldn’t stand the violence.

  • shelley

    i think each of your topics are right on. i’m in a second marriage (my first one ended in my husband being unfaithful and leaving the marriage, me and our two babies and perhaps that’s a hurt i’ve never gottan over) in which my current husband (with a little help from satan) is making it very very hard for me to want to live this way for another 23 years…yes, we’ve been married 23 years and it’s been mostly a long 23! I admit we’ve had our share of ups and downs like most do but i’m just not sure anymore about the institution of marriage. I think it’s become a lot of what God did not intend. It’s very disheartening when you’ve gone through one divorce that you didn’t want and then you’re facing a marriage that is crumbling apart faster than you can click your fingers. I really don’t know anymore how to fix it. My husband has certain notions about me and does not trust me and makes no bones about it in letting me know. Yes, I have made mistakes, yes, some of them revolved around money and yes although I have not worked in the last approx. 8 years, I did contribute a very huge fair share of income from many years early on in our marriage of working and by way of a medical lawsuit award and a rather large inheritance ( large to me anyway and certainly something my mother didn’t have to leave us to enjoy). He benefited greatly from all three of those sources of income (from me) and has yet to show much gratefulness for it. But, he never ceases to let me know HE’S the one who earns the “bread” now and I am more or less subordinate to him and HIS money. No, I don’t get an allowance and No, I don’t really have any say so in how we spend our money except what I am responsible to do the bill paying with and the grocery shopping. I technically serve no purpose in our marriage except to take care of what he doesn’t want to have to take time to do like bill paying, washing clothes, cleaning house, grocery shopping, doing any and all paperwork associated with HIS job (making sure it’s correct, turned in to office etc. etc. and no he doesn’t pay me to do that) and any other domestic chore he can think of including being responsible for finding, scheduling, being there etc. when service people are needed, taking care of any and all maintainence on my own vehicle (heaven forbid that he should have to do that) and basically any and all other things the man can come up with for me to do. Thank God my two sons are grown and live lives of their own now because when they were smaller, they were his little “get me this and get me that men too!”. My gosh, I sound like a nagging old housewife but you know, you just get to this point in life where you’re not sure why you give and give of yourself only to get this kind of abuse in return. Another thing, when my mom passed away and her estate was split between my brother and I, my husband had not problem helping me decide what to spend the money on until it was basically gone and the markets crashed and lost the remainder of it. But when his mom passed away two years ago, he has yet to allow me to be part of any decisions to spend or save even one dollar of her money. WOW, it doesn’t work both ways?

    I’m not sure why I started typing all this except that the last 24 hours has been “24 hours from hell” and I have this huge hot poker in my gut telling me “things ain’t right here”! Now what do I do? He’s spent the last few days just being down right hateful and disrespectful to me and I’ve yet to figure out what I’ve done this time. This morning he kicked a bag of bathroom trash down the steps to the front door (of course almost everything came out of the bag) and it lays on my floor at this very moment. He went off to work with a bad attitude toward me, left the trash in the middle of the floor as if to tell me “it better be picked up by the time I get home” and I am left to spend the day wondering what I’ve done to deserve this punishment again. And by god by the time he gets home today I had better have everything cleaned up, in it’s place and dinner cooking just so he can come in and trash it again. Some day I have to look forward to. It almost makes me want to go out and do some of the things he thinks I do wrong so at least I would deserve what I’m getting! Well, maybe not but you know, my gut and my brain and my spirit just cannot take this anymore. And, I don’t know what the answer is. I just know that I’m not alone, in America today and many other countries there are women who have it much worse off then I and we are all left wondering what will come next. And yes, there are men in this boat as well. Is it worth it to stay in a marriage like this? I don’t know, I hate to think that I’ve invested 23 years for nothing which is basically what it is if I walk away. But if I stay, I think it will be an early end for me because the stress is killing my health and my mental state. Slowly and painfully I am being reduced to nothing. What is wrong with people now days? Are we so selfish that we think we are above keeping the very vows we stood before God and our friends and family and made? I’m so very sorry for anything that I’ve done in my marriage to cause this. I think that nothing that I’ve done does not deserve not being forgiven as I have forgiven what has been done to me. I’m really sick to my stomach and I don’t know which direction to turn next. I just pray a lot, that’s about all I can do at this point. I’m sorry too for all of you who have taken up your precious time to read through all this babbling!

    • Grace Jewel Kiefer

      Im so sorry you feel this way. Im in my 7th year and I feel Like a door mat myself. I feel like I give and give and give…. But i never satisfy him. If you happen to tear this i know its been awhile since you post this. You can find me on Facebook Grace Jewel Kiefer.

    • David

      You are a strong and courageous woman. Nothing you said constitutes “babbling”. I see your point completely. I lost my wife for the same reasons he is losing you. After years and years, I still love her and pray I will one day be able to win her love again. We had a precious little pet that was our child. She was brainwashed into putting him in a position to die in terror. The pain eats my guts out everyday. But, I know he was innocent and without sin and is in Heaven. I know that in God all things are possible.
      Matthew: Chapter 17, Verse 20 – the words of Jesus. For verily I say to you, if ye have the faith of a grain of mustard seed, you shall say unto this mountain, remove hence to yonder place, and it shall remove, and nothing shall be impossible unto you.
      Personally, I’ll take the words of Jesus of Nazareth over the embittered atheists every time. Never give up! You are a strong and beautiful person and ANYTHING TRULY IS POSSIBLE. God Bless You.

  • momofminnie

    All of this is so true. People hear it and forget it . They always think it will happen to someone else. I will also say that WWJD is very important. Jesus taught but did not lecture. Jesus lived by example. Some folks PREACH and don’t teach. This can lead others to turn off what they should and could be hearing. A fine line but it makes a difference.

  • jimwsrren

    Stay true its ur family god waited so long to give us men agood thing in women

  • jmw

    - When a groom fails to truly, selflessly, love his wife as Christ loves the church,
    - When a bride fails to submit to the husband’s headship over her as the church submits to Christ.

    Easy to say, but so hard to do…especially on our own. Maybe the first mistake is putting your spouse ahead (or in place of) your relationship with. (and following of) God. Definitely a work in progress here! But the growth and closeness that I’ve had with my spouse has grown since trying to be more like Christ. ((Again, definitely still a work in progress here, though!)) =)

  • LuvinJesus2

    I hear and read so many off colour jokes about spouses from the pulpit. It’s sickening. Marriage is holy. Do not make jokes about what is holy. Pastors can teach that it’s wrong to say, ‘holy cow’, but think it’s important to start each sermon with a joke about marriages. It’s not funny and only the devil is pleased. It should be taught in bible schools and shouted from the rooftops: no spousal abuse from the pulpit or from the bulletins! Would Jesus do that?

  • Crushed.

    If the family head is being actively persecuted for his stand against the lies of satan, and he has been thrust into the judgement of Job, satan will work on all those surrounding this man, to condemn him, and destroy him to prove he is not truly a believer in God. Many time the closest ones to us, our own family members, can be persuaded by the wicked one, to judge our Christian family members who are being sorely tested, by viewing them only as from the flesh. To be victorious, Christian marriage mate need to learn the machinations of the devil, to resist him in the day of our being inspected.

    I was a 40 year member of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and discovered for myself what they really are, and I disassociated. My wife followed, but her son stayed, and refused to ever speak to her again as it is their form of shunning and punishment for leaving the man-organization.

    For 3 years I developed an online ministry, assisting others to break from the cults, and all of my local business work began to be ruined, then when the economy started to crumble, my wife blamed me, instead of coming to Jesus with me as new creations in Him. She was offered a good job and income, new clothes, a new life, if she would leave me and come and live with her children, would would support her and love her, instead of being with a loser like me.

    She took our only auto, and slandered me in the community as a “verbal abuser”, and she destroyed my name as a local musician and entertainer. She has become so full of lies, and calls herself an “empowered woman”, and she is blind to the damage she has caused..we have lost our marriage of 23 years, our home, all of our possessions and furnishings, sold to keep the mortgage paid, and our little church family who helped us both, she has disregarded and she has found herself in a terrible mess of spiritual pain, but she still wants the wealth and riches satan has exchanged with her, for her marriage.

    Married couples must fight together to stay as one and gain the complete victory in Christ.
    My wife is in my prayers daily.

    • Mary Lynn

      Wow. That is an amazing yet heartbreaking story. My husband got saved & after serving in leadership I watched him get attacked & taken down by the enemy. [Also a weak condemning church with poor discipleship] The sins he commits I believe invite the enemy into our home & cause further destruction with me & our children. Our marriage is now a mess. We have really good days & then absolutely horrible days. I think more times than not it IS spiritual warfare. If my husband was still serving God, would our marriage be falling apart?? Ironic: I was involved in a cult prior to my own salvation. I desire to serve God now in ministry with all my heart. But my spouse is falling further away from God as I am drawing closer.

  • Gerry

    I am married to my husband and he does not see anything wrong with taking another woman out for a cup of coffee, or movie, or exercising together. He wants to know where does it say in the bible that this is a sin or you cannot do it.

    • Ashley J Lee

      Proverbs 5:15-20

    • Nicole

      He shouldn’t need the Bible to know it’s wrong. If something hurts you, that should be enough.

    • Susan Seifert

      He’s opening himself up for temptation. It means that he thinks he is above being tempted to sin and can handle it, or, it could mean that he doesn’t have a strong conviction against flirting with a woman he isn’t married to. In Matthew 5:28, Jesus explains committing adultery as lusting after a woman (or anyone) whom we are not married to. According to other verses in the epistles, the husband is to love and cherish his wife. She should have a place in his life that no other woman has. See Ephesians 5 (whole chapter) but specifically verses 25-33. Husbands think they get off the hook because of the verses that tell that a woman must submit to her husband. But if they understood the verses which talk about how much a husband has to sacrifice for his wife, and the level in which it is to be done, it puts a different spin on the marriage relationship and his responsibilities as a husband. 1 Peter 3:7 is good too. Your husband is opening himself up to a serious temptation that could lead to disaster, but he doesn’t understand that or isn’t willing to say ‘no’ to the temptation. I have a friend whose husband did this and was confronted. He thought of his relationship with another woman as just friendship. The relationship grew stronger. Then there were more women. This man now justified what he was doing by saying that the Bible allowed for polygamy. Months later, he divorced his wife, left his family, and married another woman. His family was devastated, and he will continue living like this until he learns the ‘Fear of the Lord’.

    • GuessWho

      And every affair I have ever heard of – always starts out innocently enough….best course is to not be in the company of the opposite sex – and YES I’d think it very fishy for my spouse to go to a movie with someone.

  • Max

    We talk at each other and don’t listen. We are meant to “know” one another but fail to try. We retaliate instead of growing.

  • Cros

    I like the 10 topics covered here. However, I think they lay on top of some other fundamental things that should also be investigated. Not just “men and women” but people, need to learn collaborative communication. We all tend to use the same words but often times we can mean something different than what the other person hears. This usually goes unnoticed. Also, when things get uncomfortable, we used inflammatory language to express our discomfort not necessarily a correct recounting of the situation. This inflammatory language tends to redefine the other person’s motives as if this was the effect they were trying to achieve. This shows a lack of grace that both sides fall easy prey to. Even reading the article, I wonder what background influences shaped which items would be put forth, and what weight to give to them. I supposed it could be because the article was written by a man that although it obviously attempts to stay “neutral”, it leans toward men issues – the last 3 items definitely lean that way. I’d be curious what a list and support would look like if it were written by a comparitive female.

  • Confused beyond words

    After 14 yrs together my husband and I are separated. I have no trust him him, after numerous online affairs he had. I tried for years and years to deal with it as best as I could but I just couldn’t hang around while he willingly knowingly hurt me and broke me down. Why talk to other females when I was right there, just waiting for him to come to me. I miss him every second of every day. I have moved out of state with our two children. I miss our life together but mostly I miss the best friend I thought I had in him. I question everyday if I made the right choice in leaving, maybe I should’ve hung around. I don’t know. He continues to flirt with me but doesn’t say he loves me or misses me.

  • Robin Hager

    You have got to be kidding? Who believes in this bible crap!? It’s the 21st century for goodness sake. You’re pathetic.

  • owl7575

    is it flirting for 2 married christian to joke about leaving their marriage to run off together if 1 of their spouse is in the room

    • Josefine

      ummm, not only is it flirting its downright hurtful and wrong to say things like that! doesn’t the bible say that out of our hearts come our desires? even if it is a ‘joke’,it is something that stemmed out of the heart.(Ephesians 5:4 and proverbs 26:18-19)hope this helps

  • Leslie Settle

    I enjoyed this article. I have a husband who thinks its okay for me to be the bread winner, do all the house work and take care of the kids. Plus he lately refuses to serve God and my 5 year old is constantly asking why doesn’t daddy love God like we do. It is emotionally and spiritually exhuasting. We spent the first 4 years dealing with his infedilities, 2 years getting back on track and now he is just stuck in a bum like state 10 years later. He takes his unhappiness with his career choices out on the family but tries to flip it like I am at fault and says I should not complain since I am the one with the education and skills he does not have to make more money. Right now he makes $0. Even if it is true that I have more education, every man can do something to take care of his family and every married man should know carrying for your wife is more than helping with the children now and then. Instead his fustration says shut down, leave the house and tell no one where I am going , come home late and get an attitutude if you ask where he was. This is hard when I am the one paying for everything. I fell like I might as well be a single mom. I am running out of options and patience to help him but I know I will not give Satan the satisfaction of a divorce. Sometimes I know it is probably me needing to seek God more becuase everything in the natural is saying common sense is to leave and leave fast but God operates in the supernatural so keep us in your prayers. It will either be a breakthrough for us or God will give me a break free not to endure this. Thanks again for the artile.

  • aj

    I got married to a man I had known a few years who went to college in another state most of our relationship. His family is very emotionally abusive and uses bible verses to guilt him. I come from a Christian home where I grew up learning to leave a God centered life from two of the most Godly people I have ever met. I have a child from a previous relationship and this child has taught me that a few things. One, that if you bring your sins to God, he will turn them into beautiful things. The second is that everything happens for a reason and if you trust God instead of blame God or try to control what he is doing, his will in the end is truly better than anything I could have made the situation into. Six weeks after marrying my husband, he broke my collarbone and gave me a concussion. He did this all by one very forceful push. My son was four feet or less away. He is eight and has seen too much abuse already (that is the reason his father and I are no longer together. His father was not a believer and didn’t intend to change). My husband is not allowed to see me and the charges are very serious as he almost killed me (I had a small fracture to my skull that has already heeled). I found out that we had conceived a kid on our honeymoon, which we had just returned from and lucky I was not far enough along at the time of the incident for any of the damages to have hurt the baby. I say all this to say I found this article very useful and although it will be over a year before I can legally even speak to my husband, let alone tell him about our child, I can rest assured that if I again turn to God, I will see the beauty he can create from something that feels so ugly. I can also say that this article gave me some hope for my future relationships as it talks about all the issues we had prior to and then some. I hope that made some sense. It made me feel better if anything. Prayers would be greatly appreciated. God bless

  • J. Zamora

    My wife left me a week and half ago saying she does not have feelings for me anymore and that we are too different because we changed and this has been building up for a long time. She says that we are apart a lot and that we’re both ok with it and that it is not normal. I told her I’ll do anything for the marriage but she said its too late, not fixable. She does not want church, counseling or anything. We have a 3 year old son. We have always had a problem with communication and that we need help. She says no and that right now I need to give her time and space till she figures everything out and that she lost herself. I’m far from perfect but I want to save my marriage so I’m just waiting it out. We had fights but never thought it would come to this. I pray the LORD will bring her back!

    • Rita

      Wow the same thing just happened to me. Husband of 20 years said he needed space and thought a separation was what HE needed. How is your situation now? Praying it has worked out for the best!


    I myself am going through a situation,with my husband,he isn;t as loving as he use to be,he comes home and doesn;t listen to me about my day,or tell me about his,he is either on his cell phone or the computer,he never tells me I look nice,he is always comparing me,to someone else,about you need to wear this or this,and when he wants sex I just don;t feel,like he is with me,or that I am who he wants,I just do not know what to do ,and I hate to argue and I don;t want a divorce,I do love this man and I know how God feels about marrige,any comments or advice please fell free to e-mail me at CATA@BLOMAND.NET

  • Leo

    I’m a Husband of 19 years who has lost the trust of my wife because of my history of drug addiction. I’m clean now and working hard to stay that way but I find myself confused on were I stand now. The wife has lost trust I understand but it seams she puts the kids, mother-in-law, and her brother in front of me no matter how many times I bring it up. I know I have to earn the trust back and keep on the right track but how when your wife will not stop bring the pass up against you? I guess what I’m saying is I know I have done wrong and God has forgiven me and I have forgiven myself but my wife says she wants to make it work but puts nothing in to it?

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  • Mary Lynn

    Finances, affairs… Death of a close loved one other than a spouse. These things are devouring marriages.

  • Real talk!

    I have ne question regarding your list… why is it no one EVER mentions the unhealthy, addictive, negative, etc…TV shows women have come to watch daily? Soaps, reality TV (current), etc… Many have pointed out porn for men for years, but NEVER address these “distractions” pertaining to women? Does it not cause a rif in the marriage as stated that porn does?

  • savvy blackbird

    Not respecting your husband. Women are hard wired to be nurturing and loving, but we have to be reminded to defer to the God ordained leadership of our husbands. Submitting doesn’t mean being a doormat or weak, it is a genuine respect for your husband and his role as the spiritual head of the family.
    Men on the other hand need to be reminded to put their wives ahead of themselves and love them. There’s a difference between romantic love and daily, in the trenches, put your wife’s needs and desires ahead of your own love.
    It’s difficult for a husband to love his wife more than he loves himself when the wife doesn’t respect him. Nagging, withholding affection, being judgemental, and especially talking poorly about your husband to other people. If the husband were to act like we do, he’d be considered a verbal and emotional abuser. When the wife does it, she’s “helping”. Don’t treat your husband like he’s just your biggest child. Women wouldn’t put up with that kind of treatment from their husbands, but we expect our husbands to not only put up with that kind of disrespect but appreciate it.
    I’ve noticed this horrible trend of treating husbands like they’re stupid and couldn’t function without their wives running their lives in our culture. Sitcoms, movies, even commercials portray this constantly. How can we expect our husbands to put us first and be the romantic, dashing, sexy men we married when we treat them like children?
    A marriage is a partnership, except instead of being 50/50 both parties give 100/100% of themselves to make the marriage flourish.
    The two books that have helped me in my marriage the most are Love and Respect by Emmerson Eggerich and The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

  • Anthony_watson

    my husband works side by side with woman alone in cleaning vacant homes …im not aloud to do but i hate the fact he does it…long story short …
    he quit his job because he thinks i don’t trust him….
    wht do i do

  • cassykenz

    My husband and I both have children from previous marriages. We each have a boy and both are living with us. The boys are constantly at eachothers throat. One stretches the truth to get the other in trouble and the other purposely does things he knows the other doesn’t like. Well, my husband’s family, his mother particularly continuously oversteps her boundaries and interferes. Both boys are children and my husband and his family remember that his son is a child yet dont seem to acknowledge my sin is a child also. Any argument between the boys and they automatically act like my child is a monster. I feel like I’m losing my family and im the only one who seems to be doing everything I can not to. I’m really really depressed and I am out if ideas. I can’t talk to my husband without him making me to be the problem. IDon’t want to give up but I don’t want to continue giving all of myself to someone who can’t even give me half of himself. Any suggestions or positive feedback is appreciated. Sorry f im all over the place I just don’t know which way is up

    • vidanuevatx

      One thing that you and many other commenters here need: A sound church. Your church leaders should be willing to step in to help you and/or your husband to build a godly marriage. They should be willing to speak with love and firmness, correcting those who are wrong. Church discipline, when done in the right way, protects those in the church from each other and from themselves. It takes stubborn, wayward people and points them to the truth that they cannot live for themselves and live for the devil, and then claim to be Jesus’ followers.

  • trknangel

    What do you do with a husband that claims to be perfect in Christ, but is demanding, insensitive, says degrading things about others if their over weight, drive a foreign car. He cuts me off mid sentence when I have something to say and it’s painful. He makes me feel insignificant, stupid and like I’m there strictly to satisfy him sexually. If I try explaining how he makes me feel he gets extremely mad and says it’s not his fault that he’s perfect in Christ. We’ve only been married 3 months. Before marriage he was an extremely caring and giving man. Now he treats me like a slave.

  • Bonnie

    My husband and i been apart for a year and we live in different states but he lives with someone else I’ve done everything and sees no wrong in this what should I do

  • Maria

    Do you have bible scriptures on marriage, family members and friends that like to interferred in on marriage

  • heidi

    He thinks it is ok to google any actress in front of me or behind my back and check out every pic of her he matter how procative and I should be o.k. with this. Trying to say I have no self esteem. This behavior hurts me, amd belittles me. I feel it is wrong to treat me this way.

  • jet

    is it ok for a married man to be separted from his wife and be alone with another women? can someone show me versus to prove this?

  • Van

    I’m married to a woman who only tries to keep her children happy. I married her and put up with her mean hateful kids the whole way thinking it would be worth the fight. Now that they are grown she still has to do everything for them because they are too sorry to be grown. I’m tired of them taking advantage of her. But she doesn’t see it that way. We are so unhappy and she just won’t admit that her kids need to grow up and stand on their own feet. Instead she says I don’t love her kids, but I done more for them than their own daddy. I want my wife to understand that we can’t keep doing without to help her kids. They are grown with jobs what can I do?

  • Renee

    I am with a man for 14 yrs. he has chested. During doing this he cheated on me twice . I bought it up so many times. I could let go. Plus are child was on the same team with the women he cheated on. As time past I question how he loves me. Know it’s to the point . He want talk to be for weeks and he differently doesn’t tell me he loves me . It destroys me. We talk about splitting up. But I can’t leave him. I love him too much. No matter what the hurt was. He stay . Use to when he mad he will sleep in the other room. But know he sleeps in our bed.
    Everything like before. I just don’t understand why he punishes me with this words. I don’t know if I love u. I don’t want to be with you. I hope u die etc. but he never leaves . The reason I question it is from those words and a lot more. They way he will express any feeling is nothing like he use to. I not with him for the kids

  • Paula

    “This is a testimony i must share with people. Me and my boyfriend of 3years was about to move in together, all of a sudden he got cold feet and just went off. I email for help to bring him back and within 2 days he was back, I don’t know what he did, but it worked and my boyfriend is now living with me and we are expecting our first child and couldn’t be happier!”…….Paula

  • Greg

    My wife has left me saying she does not love me anymore. She is a born again Christian. I am just coming to God. She has asked for a divorce. When I ask her why, her reply is “God is telling me to. He is calling me away from you.” I have not read the whole Bible, but I can not find any reference to such. Every thing I read says other wise. God says to love and have faith. I have asked about counseling thru the Chuck, and she doesn’t reply. I have asked her to talk to her pastor and she replies, “I am talking to God. This is what He wants me to do.” How do I deal with this? This is still pretty new to me, but in my heart, I know this is not Gods’ will

  • Amina Abdul

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  • Deon Berry

    I lost my wife, because of these 10 things not all of them but some, I lied alot to her, did not treat her right, I said I believed in Jesus, but never did. No that I trully believe in Jesus, she does not believe me anymore, and here is the thing it hurts alot. I have found my savior, but I lost my wife and child, which I so dearly love with all my hart, I just wish she can see how I praise God everyday, without thinking a well he is just lying again.

    • Vince

      Give it time. She will see the Christ in you. Ask God to show you your heart and pray for God to show her her own heart.

  • L Cranmer

    I am married to a 64 year old only child, immature, sarcastic, and a loner to
    boot. He is a born again Christian but I see no growth. We have been saved
    since 1994. I am really fed up anymore with him.

  • truthlover

    I am just sitting here wondering how he would feel if you were to do the same. The thought os such sometimes awakens us to the reality of what we are doing. Thoe are weak boundaries that he needs to tighten to protect your marriage and you. Your feelings should matter to your spouce and that alone should be enough reason for him not to do it. I hope he comes to realise how this behaviour not only hurts you but creates numerous opportunities for the “appearances of evil” and for temptation

  • cwodins

    My marriage is hurting because my husband criticizes me and i am a defensive person so it causes us problems i dont want to be that way i want to be better but somehow i have such trouble with being defensive i know he loves me and means well when he says things but i take him wrong and get defensive
    pray for me

  • lisa jerry

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  • Lost

    I have been with my husband two in a half years I married him in November of 2013. I have had a gut feeling that he is having an affair with his co-worker even before we got married. He has continueally denied that he has been faithful but something inside of me tells me he is a liar. He has played the same type of games to women in his past including his wife that he lost to breast cancer and other women he dated after that. Before I married him I prayed and prayed asking God to destroy everything before we made it to the altar but everything keep going through like if God’s blessings was in it all. I can’t stand the hurt anymore I lost my husband twelve years ago in a car accident and was very hard for me to go forward in my life it literlly took God’s hand to help me to move forward. I don’t know if I can handle a divorce. I am desperate for God to intervine i am hurting bad and i don’t know how to handle it. I have read the word and the advice that was given to me from above but this is a battle i don’t know how to fight I feel like I am done.

  • kattie

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  • caro

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  • mary queen canada

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  • Valencia

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  • Shoot me

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  • Anderson Ann

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  • mac

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