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Biblical Counseling and the Local Church: BCC Leadership Retreat Report

2013 BCC Leadership Retreat Report

Next week—December 8-10—over 40 Biblical Counseling Coalition BOD and Council Board Members will gather for our 3rd Annual BCC Leadership Retreat at the WinShape Retreat Center outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

Why would over 40 very active ministry leaders commit three days of their lives during a time when church activities and seminary semesters are at their peak?

Part of the “behind-the-scenes” mission of the BCC is collaborative relationships. The BCC was formed in 2011 not only to provide robust resources for the biblical counseling community and the Church (another part of the BCC mission), but also to unite the leaders of the biblical counseling movement. We all wanted to move from silos to synergy.

The annual retreat has been a wonderful opportunity to do just that. During our three days together, we meet in small groups for mutual iron sharpening, encouragement, and prayer, we spend time each day in worship, and we fellowship together throughout the day and at all meal times.

Additionally, each year the retreat convenes around a theme. In 2011, the theme was Biblical Counseling and Progressive Sanctification. In 2012, the theme was Biblical Counseling and the Sufficiency of Scripture. This year, our 2013 theme is Biblical Counseling and the Local Church. Three equipping times and three panel presentations will highlight and develop that theme.

A Snapshot

Here’s a snapshot of those times.

  • Equipping # 1: The Legacy and Future of Biblical Counseling and the Local Church: Howard Eyrich & Jonathan Holmes
  • Panel # 1: Biblical Counseling, the Local Church, and Small Group Ministry: Garret Higbee, Lee Lewis, Ken Long, & Mike Wilkerson. Facilitator: Deepak Reju
  • Equipping # 2: Biblical Counseling, the Local Church, and Community Outreach: Rob Green & Steve Viars
  • Panel # 2: Biblical Counseling, the Local Church, and Uniting the Pulpit and Personal Ministry of the Word: Ernie Baker, Kevin Carson, Paul Tautges, & Tom Zempel. Facilitator: John Henderson
  • Equipping # 3: Biblical Counseling, the Local Church, Conflict Resolution, and Church Discipline: Robert Cheong & Judy Dabler
  • Panel # 3: Biblical Counseling, the Local Church, the Para-Church, and Educational Institutions: Brad Hambrick, Jim Newheiser, Lilly Park, Randy Patten, & Jeremy Pierre. Facilitator: Jeremy Lelek

A Fly on the Wall

Many people have expressed a desire to be a “fly on the wall” during these iron sharpening times. Here’s some good news. The theme of the 2012 retreat—The Sufficiency of Scripture—was expanded upon and is set to become a 20-chapter, 22-author book released by Zondervan in 2014 as Scripture and Counseling: God’s Word for Life in a Broken World.

And, this year’s theme—Biblical Counseling and the Local Church—has been developed into a book proposal with a working title of Biblical Counseling and the Church: God’s Care through God’s People.

Join the Conversation

Instead of a question, as we typically end each blog post in Join the Conversation, we have some prayer requests.

1. Would you pray for the biblical counseling leaders as they gather at the retreat December 8-10?

2. Would you pray that God would use Scripture and Counseling in the lives of many people?

3. Would you pray that God would use Biblical Counseling and the Church in the lives of many people?

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  • Jenn Menn

    Enjoy the good company! May God use the retreat to enable each leader to overcome evil with good, be refreshed by the Holy Spirit’s counsel, and build the Kingdom of God.

    -ACBC counselor & author:

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The BCC exists to strengthen churches, para-church organizations, and educational institutions by promoting excellence and unity in biblical counseling as a means to accomplish compassionate outreach and effective discipleship.