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Weekend Resource: Gospel Treason: What Does God Know about My Heart?

The BCC Weekend Resource

BCC Staff Notes: On weekends, we frequently alert you to recently-posted new resources for your life and ministry. Today we highlight a sermon audio resource from Pastor Brad Bigney: Gospel Treason: What Does God Know about My Heart?

Note: This is Part One of a nine-part sermon series that originally appeared on the Grace Felowship Church website. You can watch the other eight messages here:

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  • Deb

    WOW! Most excellent and insightful!

  • biblicalcc

    Thanks for your comment, Heidi! We apologize for forgetting to include links to the rest of the series. We have edited the original post to include those links. May God use this sermon series to great effect in our hearts!

  • Josh Kappes

    What is the hand out he references at the end?

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