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Leisure and Money

We as biblical counselors are known for being attuned to heart idolatry. We consider obvious and subtle heart idolatries—as we should. However, Scripture explicitly names just two specific non-overt idolatries—covetousness/greed and food/belly (Colossians 3:5; Philippians 3:19)—two forms of idolatry that flourish in the Western world. Today’s blog draws attention to the role money plays in idolatry. Continue reading

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On Being a Better Lover

This article shows what our identity, purpose, and function are as believers and applies them to the thorny, and very personal, issue of introversion showing how it frees us to be the better lovers of God and others we were created to be. Continue reading

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The Sin of Insecurity

Barney struggles to raise his oversized purple head, weakened by the gradual loss of viewership in recent years. Once a formidable voice in children’s TV programming, he now grasps weakly at his friends, who stand quietly beside. He manages to … Continue reading

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