Fact or Faith Checker — How We Counsel In This Political Season

Kevin Hurt


As biblical counselors, we find ourselves dealing with the normal, and in one sense, common colds of life’s issues — anger, anxiety, depression, the need to forgive, etc. As a biblical counselor, when our counselees present these type of struggles to us, we turn to God’s Word and lead them to think and respond biblically. Continue reading

Are We There For Them?

Judy Dabler


Developing apprentices and journeymen in the field of biblical counseling is not only a great opportunity to advance God’s Kingdom, but a responsibility that older and more experienced counselors have toward the younger generation. Sadly, many experienced and gifted biblical counselors do not embrace the opportunity to bless and be blessed through mentoring their young and eager colleagues. Because the art of biblical counseling cannot be easily taught, but is readily “caught” through mentoring, master counselors are being invited to embrace this important ministry of mentoring. Continue reading

The Holy Spirit in Counseling: Our Great Advantage that is Often Overlooked

Lee Lewis


The topic of the Holy Spirit is one that we tend to approach incorrectly. A dear friend of mine who is a pastor has always likened this misstep to the drunken uncle in the room at a family reunion. He is strange and awkward to deal with, so we feel better off just not interacting with him. The problem with this error is the fact that the Holy Spirit is a member of the Godhead. Continue reading

The Lord’s Protection from Harm (Part 2)

Jeff Forrey

Jeff Forrey


In this post, Jeff Forrey continues his investigation of how Psalm 91’s claim, “no harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent” should be understood by Christians who’ve experienced a tragedy, such as an unexpected divorce or death in the family. In his last post, he noted how the Book of Psalms does not neglect the reality of trials in the lives of God’s people, and so Psalm 91:10 must be understood in this larger context. In this post, he returns to Psalm 91. Continue reading

The Lord’s Protection from Harm (Part 1)

Jeff Forrey

Jeff Forrey


In this post, and the next post, Jeff Forrey considers the question of how Psalm 91’s claim, “no harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent” should be understood by Christians who’ve experienced a tragedy, such as an unexpected divorce or death in the family. Continue reading

Emotions: Engaging the Expressions of Our Heart

Curtis Solomon

Curtis Solomon


This week the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation (CCEF) will hold their 2016 annual conference (October 14-16) in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The conference is entitled, “Emotions: Engaging the Expressions of Our Hearts.” At first glance the topic of emotions might not seem like it is worthy of an entire conference. Deeper reflection, however, should lead to a very different conclusion. Continue reading

Reacting to Your Teen’s Sexual Sin

Eliza Jane Huie

Eliza Jane Huie


As she sat across from me tears streamed down her face. Guilt and shock mingled in her words. Through brokenhearted sobs she shared with me how she and her husband had found significantly graphic videos on their 13-year-old son’s computer. Who was this person? She felt so confused, so betrayed. Their young teen was active in youth group, kind to his siblings, and sensitive to the needs of others. He was all a parent could want. Continue reading

Understanding What Influences Your Heart

BCC Staff


Here is a press release for Jeremy Pierre’s new book, The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life. Jeremy’s book is a fascinating map for uncovering what the Bible teaches about human experience. Although the Bible is not organized like a modern-day “treatment planner,” that does not negate its crucial role in shaping how biblical counselors help their counselees. But for that same reason, its treasures might not be as easily seen. Jeremy’s book offers a framework for organizing the biblical data about human experience that will allow biblical counselors to see those treasures. Continue reading