Emotions: Engaging the Experiences of Our Hearts – CCEF National Conference

BCC Staff


To be Christian is to experience joy and sadness, grief and hope, love and hate, just as Jesus did. Our emotions make us fully human because without them we cannot see the world as God does. They are the difference between life in living reds, greens, and blues and life in black and white! But how do we rightly use this gift? How do we obey Scripture’s call to share our whole hearts honestly before the face of God, without giving into the temptation to indulge or suppress our emotions? That will be the topic of the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation’s national conference this year. Here is what you can expect at the conference and pre-conference. Continue reading

Using Wisdom to Prevent Regret

Jeff Forrey

Jeff Forrey


Robert and Alice met through an online dating service. He lives in Minnesota, and she lives in Alabama. Alice’s husband divorced her seven years ago, saying they had grown apart and their lives were on two different paths (he was not a Christian). Robert’s wife was killed in a traffic accident two years ago. Both are committed Christians, active in their respective churches. After a year of weekly emails and phone calls, Robert visited her twice, and Alice visited him once. Two and a half years passed with this pattern of communication between them. Continue reading

Pastoral Responses to Addicts’ Needs

Mark Shaw


Dr. Mark Shaw, an ordained minister, certified alcohol and drug abuse counselor, and certified biblical counselor, shared valuable insights in a recent interview to help pastors who are caring for people with drug addictions. Continue reading

Pre-Premarital Counseling

Ernie Baker

Ernie Baker


In this post and the next, we introduce you to a new resource by Dr. Ernie Baker. In his book Marry Wisely, Marry Well, he guides readers through the “minefield” of establishing a firm—a biblical—foundation for eventually getting married. As one reviewer insightful put it, this book is not merely “premarital counseling”; it is “pre-premarital counseling.” We hope you are encouraged by these recommendations and the YouTube clip by Ernie to check out this resource. Continue reading

Lion or Lamb: Which Do You Need?

Tim Lane


Revelation for Encouragement? Have you ever considered reading the book of Revelation when you needed some encouragement? Most people avoid this book altogether due to the rich but confusing symbols. I confess, the symbolism can be confusing but once understood, … Continue reading

Emphasizing the Identity of Jesus

Rob Green


The last few years have seen a significant rise in the importance of helping a counselee understand his or her identity IN Christ. We have welcomed (okay, many of us) this emphasis with open arms recognizing that this is an important emphasis in the Scriptures. Practically speaking, when a person understands their identity they are able to love because they are loved by Jesus, they are able to respond with grace because that is how Jesus responds to them, and they are able to be compassionate and merciful because that is what they receive from Jesus. Continue reading

Four Words that Help to Define Biblical Counseling

Paul Tautges


The New Testament uses several different words to emphasize the more concentrated aspect of disciple-making that we call “counseling.” Today we examine four. The meanings and uses of these words help us to envision a well-rounded ministry that is geared toward helping people change. Continue reading

Weight-Loss, Fear, and Eating Cheeseburgers for the Glory of God

Heath Lambert


One day I was at lunch with a friend. On that particular day I ordered a cheeseburger and fries. My friend ordered a salad with no dressing. You read that correctly—there was no dressing on the salad. We each stared at the other’s plate judging one-another for our food choices when my friend broke the silence: “You shouldn’t eat that. Those things are bad for you.” He proceeded to explain that I needed to eat healthier as he choked back his dry lettuce. Continue reading

Responding to the Shame after a Relapse into Sin

Jeff Forrey

Jeff Forrey


Jim’s wife of eight years, Rachael, was shocked to discover he’d been regularly viewing Internet porn for about two months. In all their years together, he had seemed like an upright Christian man with strong morals. After Jim had started meeting with their pastor, Paul, he’d stopped viewing Internet porn. So, Rachael and Pastor Paul were surprised and dismayed all over again when they learned Jim had gone to an adult bookstore to purchase pornographic material in print, instead!

Suppose, however, that Jim reports incredible shame over his behavior at this point. Continue reading