The Process of Renewing the Mind (Part 2)

Jeff Forrey


In this second installment of a two-part series on renewing the mind, we consider some of the components of this crucial part of the Christian life. Recall from the last post how Pastor Mark had to help Jeremy, an emotionally distant husband, figure how he needed to change in order to honor God in his marriage. Continue reading

The Process of Renewing the Mind (Part 1)

Jeff Forrey


This post is part one of a two-part series on how we can guide counselees in the critical task of renewing the mind. In this first installment we are introduced to an insensitive husband and the pastor who has the privilege of helping him figure how he needed to change. Continue reading

Numbering Our Days and Training Biblical Counselors

Jim Newheiser


We can’t be certain what the future will hold, but we trust that God will do good in many lives (including ours) and bring glory to Himself. Please join us in praying for this new opportunity to strengthen the church of Christ through the training of biblical counselors. Continue reading

Biblical Mentoring for Teenagers

Ellen Castillo


“Mentoring” is a buzzword in our current culture. A quick google search on the words “mentoring teenagers” yields dozens of articles, blogs, organizations, and curricula to mentor teens in both the secular and Christian realms.

Biblical mentoring sets itself apart from many other mentoring strategies because it is not a program or a formalized ministry. Continue reading

Freedom from Regret

Paul Tautges


Irreversible decisions are the hardest to live with. You know you’ve done wrong, but it is too late to undo it. Now you must live with the consequences, whatever they may be. But how? Do you beat yourself up forever? Do you live in a state of habitual sullenness? Do you become bitter toward others or God? The pain of regret and the constant nagging of a conscience that knows you have sinned and been foolish have the potential of crippling you forever. Is this how it must be, or is there a better way? Continue reading

Getting Up after a Fall

Lucy Ann Moll


Sinful choices can become a slippery slope too. One sinful choice may slide into another, reminiscent of Psalm 1:1; then the Christian may face a problem she helped create: a marital separation, an addiction, a lost job, anxiety, depression, bitterness. Her problem might cause enough angst to bring her to your counseling office, looking for relief. But relief isn’t the real answer is it? Relief is among the world’s counterfeits for mankind’s greatest and truest need—the gospel. Continue reading

The #1 Way God Gets Your Attention!

Lucy Ann Moll


Hurrying to answer the ring, Cheri slammed her toe into a Little People garage toy and lost her balance as she reached for the phone. Then — wham! — she fell flat on her back. Literally. I was the caller, and … Continue reading