Keys to Evangelism in a Sexualized Culture

How can we do evangelism in the context of counseling those who have suffered sexually? Counselors are needed to engage in these situations but they present dangerous pitfalls. This session discusses how true godliness is the key to avoiding the trap of sexualized relationships. Continue reading

Friendship on Fire: The Song of Songs on Marriage

What is love and what does love have to do with marriage? Just as no one has the power to bless and encourage you like your spouse, no one else can provoke and hurt you deeply like they can. This session explores the concepts of love and marriage as described in Song of Songs. Continue reading

Male Leadership in a Genderless World

A real Adam, a real Eve and a real garden give the paradigm for godly male leadership. This workshop goes back to the beginning to point you to a Christ-like manhood, teach leadership without oppression and discuss implications for counseling. Continue reading

Lies That Fuel Disordered Sexual Desires

Behind sexual sins and temptations are often subtle but distorted views of ourselves, the nature of sex, and the character of God. This workshop examines some of these lies and shows how the gospel breaks through them to reveal that the truth is better than we may think. Continue reading

How Grace Empowers Us to Overcome Sexual Idolatry

Disordered sexual desires are ultimately a problem of worship. We seek ultimate satisfaction from earthly things, which become our idols. This session shows how the gospel forgives our idolatries and adulteries and transforms us into worshipers whose greatest delight is in God.

Audio note: Due to some technical difficulties the first 20 minutes of this audio recording is poor quality. We are looking into ways make this content available with a better quality recording.  Continue reading

Head, Heart, Hands, & Home

It is the job of pastors and teachers to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. Individual mentoring and discipleship are key. This session discusses how to address the head, heart, hands and home of newer believers as you disciple them to Christian maturity. Continue reading

Language That Transforms

Are you or your counselee stuck in frustrating and sinful communication patterns? How can you honor God in your communication? This workshop teaches the Communication Skills Wheel as a method for accurate and purposeful communication that builds up both individuals.  Continue reading