An Open Letter to Those Nonchalant about Their Sexual Sin

Dear friend, Sex is like fire. When it blazes in the fireplace, a good fire warms and brightens the room, enhancing joy and companionship. But when fires ignite in the wrong places, the house burns down. Is your sexuality igniting in the wrong places? Are you treating sexual sin casually? How do you know when […]

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Counseling after Adultery

Dave Dunham

Dave Dunham

Christians must forgive. We understand from Matthew 18, and the parable of the “Unmerciful Servant” (Matt. 18:21-35), that Jesus expects us to forgive. But the divine command does not mitigate the emotional difficulty. Forgiveness is hard. That is especially true in cases where there has been a betrayal by a spouse. Continue reading

Top Ten Posts of All Time – #9

Jonathan Holmes

One problem that biblical counselors will surely face in their counseling and everyday conversations, regardless of gender, is the addiction and enslavement to pornography. With a problem so prevalent and pervasive in the church, numerous books and articles have been written on the topic. How can biblical counselors contribute to this conversation? Continue reading

An Open Letter to Someone Having an Affair (Part 2)

Brad Hambrick

Brad Hambrick

On Monday we began Brad Hambrick’s “open letter” to someone in the midst of an affair. In the first part of the letter, Brad stressed that the adulterer must make some decision about which intimate relationship will be pursued whole-heartedly. Ultimately, the best decision will be the one that honors God. Continue reading