The Importance Of The Local Church

Your counseling and counselees will be enriched by being centered in a local church. This workshop shows how involvement of the local church is a crucial aspect of biblical counseling because the tasks of counseling and discipleship are given by God to the local church. Continue reading

Talking to Teenagers About Sex

It is uncomfortable but it needs to be said, the Bible talks a lot about sex, and so should the church. This session gives some helpful guidelines for how to talk with teenagers about sex and sexuality in the context of the church.  Continue reading

Sexual Identity and the Bible

We live in a world that is confused and confusing on the issue of sexual identity. The truth is we really don’t know our true identity until we know Christ. This session discusses the need for, the components and the goodness of a biblical understanding of sexual identity Continue reading

Women & the Word

Christian women know they should read their Bibles, but desire is often weak and the knowledge of how to begin is lacking. This workshop will encourage you to delve into the Scriptures through Bible reading, memorization, and suggested study methods. Continue reading

Waiting: The Song of Songs on Singleness

The challenges that singles face today are not radically different from those that faced young people in the ancient world. This session discusses the counsel to the daughters of Jerusalem in the Song of Songs and how that applies today to singles who desire to wait well. Continue reading