Reflections on Doing International Biblical Counseling Training

Wayne Vanderwier

Wayne Vanderwier

It seems impossible to believe that Overseas Instruction in Counseling is already a little more than 10 years old. When, in the Fall of 2005, Susie and I began to envision a ministry that would train pastors around the world in biblical sufficiency-based soul care, we never could have imagined the ways God would open doors of opportunity and expand the ministry we began in June, 2006. Continue reading

Organizing Biblical Counselling in Canada

Betty-Anne Van Rees

Betty-Anne Van Rees

God is orchestrating some really neat relationships and partnerships across the biblical counselling movement in Canada. As part of this advancement the Canadian Biblical Counselling Coalition (CBCC) is beginning to be established. We look forward to sharing more information about how we hope to serve the Canadian church in the months to come. Continue reading

Does Biblical Counselling Have a Future in South Africa?

Kyle Johnston

In this post we hear from one of the presenters who is scheduled for the Biblical Counseling Coalition’s Global Summit, June 5-7, 2016. To interact more with Kyle’s insights on the international scope of biblical counseling, please consider joining the conversation at the Summit, either on site in the suburbs of Chicago or online. We hope you can join us! Continue reading

Five Reasons to Join the Global Summit

Deepak Reju

Deepak Reju

Today’s post is an encouragement for you to consider participating in the upcoming Global Summit, June 5-7, 2016. Even if you cannot travel to the Chicago area, that doesn’t need to stop you from experiencing the blessings of learning about how God is using biblical counseling to expand his kingdom purposes all over the world. We hope to hear from you soon! Continue reading

Biblical Counseling in Brazil

Sacha Alexandre Mendes

Sacha Alexandre Mendes

In today’s post you will hear from one of the presenters at the upcoming BCC Global Summit. Sacha relays how biblical counseling has affected the churches in Brazil. We urge to sign up for the Global Summit, where you can learn more about biblical counseling’s impact in other parts of the world as well. Continue reading

The Blessing of Serving in Multiethnic Ministry

Nicolas Ellen

In this post Nicolas Ellen reminds us to make discipleship—rather than race or ethnicity—the focus of our private ministries of the Word. This is important as our world becomes “smaller” through increased travel and broader Internet-based communications. There are, of course, differences in cultures that we must keep in mind as we share the Scriptures with other people. Wise ministry requires that we figure out how to present the transcultural message of the gospel in an understandable way, and this is where understanding differences in cultures is important. To that end, we encourage you to consider registering for the upcoming Global Summit in June. Visit the website at Continue reading

BC in the UK

Steve Midgley

As we continue to count down the days—yes, days—before the Biblical Counseling Coalition’s Global Summit (June 5-7, 2016), we once again want to take some time to hear about the impact of biblical counseling (BC) elsewhere in the world. This post takes us across the Atlantic to the United Kingdom (UK). Steve Midgley offers his observations of the kind of reception and impact BC is starting to have in the UK. Continue reading

A Biblical Counseling Revolution in French

Matthieu Caron

We are getting closer and closer to the watershed Global Summit (June 5-7). Our desire is to broaden your awareness of how biblical counseling is making an impact across the globe. Today, we are revisiting a post from 2015 that reveals how the Holy Spirit is using biblical counseling in the French-speaking province of Quebec. Continue reading

God’s Global Purpose: Biblical Counseling Beyond Our Borders

Kevin Hurt

The countdown to the Global Summit continues. We hope you are getting more and more excited about hearing from biblical counselors serving the Lord across the globe! We invite you to visit the Summit website and register to participate. Today’s blog, originally posted last summer by Kevin Hurt, reminds us that God’s purpose is to bring His Word to bear on the lives of people all over the world. How are you part of God’s global vision? Continue reading