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Biblical Discipling: Every Member as a Faithful Discipler

False Assumptions about Professional Help A common false assumption that Christians make about professional help. ...

by Deepak Reju March 18, 2014

Christian Identity: Who Are You?

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Interview with David Powlison - When A Husband Is Discovered Looking At Pornography

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Gospel Treason 09: What Does an Idol-Free Life Look Like?

You're watching Gospel Treason 09: What Does an Idol-Free Life Look Like? Links...

by Brad Bigney February 13, 2014

Gospel Treason 08: How Do We Get Free and Stay Free?

You're watching Gospel Treason 08: How Do We Get Free and Stay Free? Links to...

by Brad Bigney February 12, 2014
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Bobby commented on 10 Ways that Satan Loves to Watch Marriages Fall Apart:

Apr 17

My husband and i figth so much that i forget about puting God frisy i forget about my sons and what this has done and is doing to them my husband constamly wishrs me dead and says what a good life he will have when i dwn the big whole he used to beat me up and i was frigthen to say anything to him now im not letting him do that any more and i say horrible things which i always regret i wish i could just sell up and go get a place of my own this has been on going for 30years and it hinders my walk with God my husband is a backslider

Josefine commented on 10 Ways that Satan Loves to Watch Marriages Fall Apart:

Apr 16

ummm, not only is it flirting its downright hurtful and wrong to say things like that! doesn’t the bible say that out of our hearts come our desires? even if it is a ‘joke’,it is something that stemmed out of the heart.(Ephesians 5:4 and proverbs 26:18-19)hope this helps

mac commented on 10 Ways that Satan Loves to Watch Marriages Fall Apart:

Apr 16

I was recently married roughly 8 months ago, i knew for the couple yrs dating i wanted to marry her. We both were in the military until last spring i was medically retired we decided together we loved one another had same goals n believe in God, i dont claim to b a christian i know i am unsaved but want that to change. Since our marriage in late Aug i have only spent 9-10 with my wife since she is stationed on Ms and ive had many surgeries since Aug. Bone fusions shrapnel taken from all parts of body n 2 wks ago had another piece of bone taken from hip and placed on my shoulder. My wife deployed in early march and i drove to see her in homeport every chance i was healthy n paid for hdt to come to NC to see me any chance she had. I drove down in jan to move her out pf our apartment and drove her to the deployment spaces dreading my world leaving, she left saying soon she would b back and her enlistment will b over. We had so many plans in place. She contacted me after two wks n spain via fb refusing to use the phome i paid for her deployment. It was a wk later she wrote me a generic tiny reply to my many letters sent n msgs. On feb 2 her bday i called her command and they some jow couldnt reach her, strange she works in headquarters. A week later she thanked me for gift said my bday gift was n mail and thats all, valentines i left a msg with her commander, sent gifts flowers, cards for our first vday as a married couple, no reply till feb 23 via fb message asking if i received my gift n happy birthday, not word that she missed me or was hoping my serious surgeries went ok. The nxt morming o received the coldest fb msg saying she wanted a divorce and was working on it from spain and she never loved or cared about me but married me for the extra money. I did quite a few combat tours as spec ops guy but apparently she was glad i didnt see her but so fewdays. She will not contact me at all except twice once to complain about being bothered by the red cross which notifies spouses when their spouse is going n hospital n the surgeries are very serious. I know a lot of people in her battalion so reached out to them to get her to call me. They contacted me back and said she had no intention of seeing or calling me. I dont believe in divorce but in this case o wont see her till she comes back n june, but there is nothing i can do to try to stop this, i found out from some my old team who knows exact time of her arrival and that she flies out same day to cali where she is from to get seperated n divorced in 6 months but also she wants some of my land i bought yrs ago so she cant get that but half her bah, baq money is mine i dont want money want my wife. She also wants to know the exact disability money i recieve from military since i received an 80% disability rating but have yet recieved a dime of back pay or monthly disability so there isnt anything she can take. I would do anything to keep us together even tho i guess she constantly thinks about some other guy. I talked to a lawyer and am advised to print her saved messages and turn a certified letter to her CO and send JAG a copy as well. I dont want to b vindictive and hurtful, i know the trouble she will get into for defrauding the govt and marrying under false pretenses as well as one or two more articeles from ucmj. I dont want her to get in trouble even though at very least she would lose rank be on restrictions for between 45-60 days 2 months half pay plus w/e else imposed. I dont want anything done to her. But with my beliefs if she divorces me biblically i have no option but remain single. If she bad been honest b4 wedding, would never have gotten married and just gave her money, dont have much but would rather that anyday than this. I knoe people have real issues and this may seem minor but hurts for me anyway. Ive treated her like a queen never even raised my voice to her. Pray God can hear this sinners prayer but dont want to lose my wife. I cant stop her n she knows divorce is wrong and she took her military vowels series but marriage is just a piece of paper to her n i was well played i guess.

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