Top Ten Posts of All Time – #4

Brian Nicholson

Let’s face it: infertility is awkward for everybody involved. Friends and family members often don’t know whether to broach the subject at all, let alone know what to say. Childless couples want some help and support, but they are often silent about their struggle. Churches know the issue exists, but often don’t quite know what to do about it. What we’re left with is the proverbial elephant in the room. Well, let’s talk about that elephant. Continue reading

Top Ten Posts of All Time – #3

Luke Gilkerson

One of the tasks of a good friend or accountability partner to someone who is entrenched in pornography is to help them understand their own heart. Why do they run to porn again and again? Solomon reminds us that “The purpose in a man’s heart is like deep water” (we often can’t see our own motivations) “but a man of understanding will draw it out” (Proverbs 20:5, parenthesis added). A wise friend helps to draw out of others the deeper motivations they are unable or unwilling to see in themselves. Continue reading

Top Ten Posts of All Time – #2

Lilly Park

My desire is that God might use this blog post to encourage those who are weary, to challenge those who are not trusting God or seeking counsel, and to provide some help to those who are not sure how to help women in emotionally abusive relationships. Continue reading

Top Ten Posts of All Time – #1

Deepak Reju

Deepak Reju

According the Bible, Satan prowls around like a lion looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8), but many times, he probably doesn’t have to do that much. I wonder if sometimes Satan sits back and laughs at us. We don’t need Satan to ruin our marriage. We do plenty of unhelpful things on our own to ruin our marriages. I’m sure Satan enjoys having a front row seat, watching our folly and foolishness. Continue reading

Living in the Light: Money, Sex, and Power: Review

Kyle Johnston

What is the gravitational center of your life? What do your desires focus on; what do your affections revolve around? Here’s another way to think about this: what are the planets in your life, and what is the sun? And are the planets properly aligned to the sun? Secondly, if the planets of money, sex, and power have flown off their God-ordained orbits, how can they be returned to their suitable place? Continue reading

Handling the Nonstop Talker

Robert Jones

You face the awkward dilemma in both informal helping conversations and formal counseling sessions: How can I engage my counselee who dominates each counseling conversation with nonstop talking? Continue reading

Reclaiming the HOLY of Christmas

Lucy Ann Moll

Who stole the HOLY of Christmas? How can we Christians reclaim it? What changed in our hearts that many of us willingly trade the holy for jostling in store lines and for cyber-shopping? Piercing questions. Yet. . . Be encouraged that our … Continue reading

The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Ernie Baker

Ernie Baker

Humans have a disease that eats away at the soul and relationships. It is a cankerous cancer that leads to shame and brokenness, and as it consumes, it perforates our relationships with God and others. Of course this disease, this cancer, is sin. Is there a soothing medicine that brings healing? Continue reading

2017 Biblical Counseling Coalition Leadership Retreat

Eliza Jane Huie

Eliza Jane Huie

From December 6-8 over 50 leaders in biblical counseling met together for the Biblical Counseling Coalition’s Leadership Retreat. It is a time when the Board of Directors and the Counsel Board come together for encouragement and sharpening. The theme of the retreat was, “From Shared Convictions to Creative Expression.” This was an excellent theme for a retreat that brings together very different people and personalities who care for diverse communities. Diversity, like unity, is something that cannot be ignored. We need them both. Continue reading