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BCC Women’s Conference Call—Interview With Julie Ganschow

This is an audio recording of a conference call with several female leaders in the...


CCEF & ACBC Conference Discounts

Thinking about attending either the CCEF conference (October 3-5, 2014 in San Diego) or the...

by Heath Lambert, David Powlison July 15, 2014
BCC Interviews

Ministry Interview: Chaplain (Captain) Mark Worrell and Military Chaplaincy

Today we’re pleased to connect with Chaplain (Captain) Mark Worrell who is an...

by BCC Staff June 28, 2014
BCC Interviews

Ministry Interview: Anne Dryburgh and Biblical Counseling in Belgium

Today we’re pleased to connect with Anne Dryburgh who is a biblical counselor...

by BCC Staff June 21, 2014
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Redeeming Church Conflict
by Tara Barthel and David Edling
True Woman 101
by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Mary Kassian
Recovering Redemption
by Matt Chandler and Michael Snetzer

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6 Biblical Perspectives on Strength in Weakness

It’s human nature to detest pain, suffering, and weaknesses. Perhaps that’s why I...

God’s Strength Displayed Through Our Weakness

A quadriplegic son was not what Sharon and I had envisioned for our sixteen-year-old son,...

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Did you know that we have now posted interviews with over three dozen leading biblical...

Friday’s 5 to Live By

Each Friday our BCC staff links you to the top 5 biblical counseling and Christian living...
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A terrible person commented on I Messed Up: Confessing Sin to Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Before You Get Engaged:

Jul 25

I am so in love with this person, but it’s unbelievable now. I struggle with sexual addiction even now. I grabbed a woman’s breasts. I got tempted. Being so wrapped up in pornography and sex as a child peaked as soon as i fell in love with someone. Now i feel the ultimate heartbreak. While she is gone for a while i deal with this pain festering inside my soul. Eating away at me soon left for dead.  Ugh it hurts. I hate myself even though i need to forgive myself it hurts so bad

Julie Hughes Roth commented on 10 Ways that Satan Loves to Watch Marriages Fall Apart:

Jul 20

I have a dear friend that has been going through what I think is a spiritual attack on her marriage.  She tells me that she and her husband were extremely connected, but then he admitted to using porn, yet again. (3rd time)  Now on top of that, her husband told her that he has been having overwhelming episodes of sadness and guilt over a girlfriend that died 37 years ago. (yes that’s right)  The girl had asked him if she should go back to her country and of course he said yes, you miss your father, go ahead.  She and her father were murdered shortly after she returned there.  He told her about this woman and he showed great emotion, so now she doesn’t know whether to feel bad for him or be mad because he is think about this other woman from 37 years ago.  I still think it could be a satanic attack… 37 years later… sounds suspicious to me.

Briscoe commented on 10 Ways that Satan Loves to Watch Marriages Fall Apart:

Jul 14

My marriage is falling apart and I’m out of energy to fight for it. We were married when we were 19. Now I am 22 and he is 24. We have lost any and all love for each other. We are two people who live separate lives and in the same
House. The only reason I am still here is because I know it is GODS commandment to stay with your spouse until death do you part. But I am at my whits end in misery.