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A Testimonial: How Biblical Counseling Helped Me with a Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder

Darkness When the Lord calls us to Himself, He rescues us all out of darkness, but I think my darkness was probably darker than many. I was diagnosed

by Anonymous November 20, 2014

Grief:  Identity or Emotion

I work with people who are suffering.  In fact, each of the people with...

by Steve Green October 15, 2014

Taking A Time Out To Discuss Spanking

Do not hold back discipline from the child, although you strike him with the rod,...

by John Street, Ernie Baker, David Wheaton October 6, 2014

Resisting Gossip Video Series, Lesson 10: Gossip and Our Church

“The words of a gossip are like choice morsels; they go down to a...

by Matt Mitchell October 4, 2014
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Reclaiming Adoption
by Dan Cruverand John Piper
Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling Youth
by Patricia Millerand Keith Miller
After They Are Yours
by Brian Borgmanand Dan Cruver

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just want to know commented on 10 Ways that Satan Loves to Watch Marriages Fall Apart:

Nov 23

Just wanted to know if things are better now, a year later?

NVA2013 commented on 10 Ways that Satan Loves to Watch Marriages Fall Apart:

Nov 22

Oh how I pray that my husband is being true to me.  Many times I wonder if there is really a thing called manifest destiny. This is my husbands 3rd marriage and my second.  We both brought children to this relationship from prior marriages. I realize the wrongs committed in my first marriage and swore that would not occur this time around.  We me with our pastor for months prior to our marriage to ensure we were ready to make this THE MARRIAGE that lasts forever. I asked many times if my husband was ready for this commitment and he seemed completely devoted.
  3 weeks after our wedding he started “innocently” talking with another woman.  This lead to him slipping into depression and spending time with her, lying to me, avoiding spending time with me and to this day - I am still not exactly sure on everything that happened between them but I know lines were crossed.  I continuously questioned the attitude he developed after the wedding and began questioning myself and my actions.  I eventually ended up at the Dr. office and on anxiety medication.
  I found text messages on his old cell phone- saying things no wife wants to see. I confronted “the other woman” that did not deny that he was having an affair with her.  When I confronted him, he ended things but didn’t seem to be as remorseful as I guess I needed him to be.  However, we hadn’t even mailed out our thank you notes from our wedding.  How do you end things at that point?  How do you walk away when you just uttered the words until death us do part? 
  Amazing enough, the weekend I found this information out.  Our pastors message was about how the devil gets into peoples minds.  NOT in the form of what we envision the devil to look like.  He gets in looking like “one of us”.  The message was powerful enough; I knew I needed to help my husband fight to be a better person.
We agreed that he seek counseling.  And that seemed to help him.  Things seemed to get better however I still fight the doubt (devil) that seems to sneak into my thoughts daily.  I battle with the idea that he is straying or will stray again.  I battle wanting to control every moment of his life to ensure he is being true to me.  I HATE the idea that he still has a cellphone that is “locked” so I can’t see what is going on during his day.  (In his defense I have never confronted him to allow me this access.  I feel it will show my weakness and lack of trust).
How do I full-heartedly put the past In the past once and for all? Is that even possible?  If not, how do I make peace with the past and not let it influence our future?

James Stanley commented on 10 Ways that Satan Loves to Watch Marriages Fall Apart:

Nov 18

This article sounds anti-male. The examples are done with the husband. Another thing is that this article sounds like people should just get divorced and follow Jesus. Actually the couple should fight for their marriage and serve Jesus together. This article was very poorly written and I hope no one follows its guidance. The part where they “married someone with poor character” is terrible. That’s like slapping God in the face and screaming to Him that He can’t change anyone and if you’re doing that then I feel for you in the day of judgment. There were a couple of good points but overall this was one horrible article.