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Practice the SOG Plan

PDF Download: Practice the SOG Plan Kyle Johnston says, "I can personally testify that if you start practicing this simple plan in the ordinary in

by Kyle Johnston July 29, 2015

Gospel-Driven Counseling For Suffering

 If we are honest, it is much easier (in the sense of being straight-forward) to counsel sin than it is to counsel suffering. And in reality, tho

by Brad Hambrick July 22, 2015
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Premarital Counseling Session 4: A Theology of Everything Else

Key Ideas The essence of marital love is commitment, not emotion. Money is a primary way to give expression to what is important to you. We forgi

by Deepak Reju March 4, 2015
Counseling Forms

Premarital Counseling Session 3: A Theology of Sex

Key Ideas Physical attraction and physical intimacy are a gift from God and a blessing to be enjoyed in marriage. A healthy biblical sexuality inv

by Deepak Reju March 3, 2015
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BCC Weekend Resource: Gospel-Driven Counseling for Suffering

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What Makes Your Counseling Model Different from Anyone Else’s?

Biblical counselors must be prepared to give a defense for the hope they have in...

Reflections on 40 Years of Life

The building blocks of a healthy approach to following Jesus are the building blocks of...
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brookcampbellsweet commented on 10 Ways that Satan Loves to Watch Marriages Fall Apart:

Jul 23

How to restore broken relationships and marriage
Hello to the people of this forum< Am Brooke Campbell from Texas and i can say that am the happiest person on earth since last week with what DR ABULU has done for me , it all started last year October when my fiance left me in Texas and travel to see his parents in Ohio at first him was still calling me and show love even when him was away , but it gets to a point when he no longer gives a shit about me , and i noticed it so when i tried to confront him , he told me that he dose not love me again that he feel like being alone i was shocked and heartbroken when i tried talking he will hang the phone on me i was so heart broken and i was frustrated about this , but on a second thought i was not convince that he was on his right senses so i discuss this with my elder sister who lives in California and she directed me to DR abulu of .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) saying that the man has helped her friend in such case before so i said to my self let me tried i contacted this man and explain everything to him and behold dr abulu said to me what am to do and i did exactly what he and he said after three days my fiance will call me and once he calls me i should pick the calls and he gave some other instructions . so i said okay , but to my best surprise on the 7th of November my fiancee called me and started saying on the phone am sorry it was like a dream to me , with this i said i will tell the world of his dr abulu goodness in my life , so if any one is out there and needs help in his or her relationship can also contact him today via
email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

larry commented on Is “Addiction” Rooted in a Disease, Demon, or Decision?:

Jul 23

i agree with Shari. i dont believe that you yourself have ever struggled with an addiction which is why you can be so wielding with the sword of truth, they have written many books on addictions and although it is sin as we as Christians all know or are discovering there is a sanctifying process that we all go through and if you have never struggled you don’t thing i know is it is generational and it is dysfunctional and at its core it is a way that we all at first learn to deal with real trauma in our lives .we were not loved or accepted from ones who were suppose to love us.whether its sex drugs alcohol or food, gambling or shopping or spending,they are all considered sin but still can be an addiction because you are being controlled by is a selfish disease and in those moments of weakness we feel like we don’t have a choice but to medicate the pain.i believe i have been saved for 10 years but still struggle with the same sin.our temptations are real in a moment by moment chapter 7 of Romans if you need to understand how we will all struggle with sin even after we are Christians.ill say this mark shaw if you have struggled with addiction/sin and have victory over it fully without any other overlap of struggles with food or anger or some other outlet then Praise God and Amen to that! then i believe you should get down on your knees and ask God for forgiveness for not having the Love and compassion and mercy for others the way our Lord and Savior has.Jesus died for all our sins even the ones we continue to struggle with.Love you mark and i hope its OK to speak the truth.For Gods Glory Amen:)my name is Larry

Randy commented on 10 Ways that Satan Loves to Watch Marriages Fall Apart:

Jul 19

She seems to be married to Facebook and that is the love of her life!  Sucks to be me but I am far from first pace!