Premarital Session for Someone who Struggles with Depression

Key Ideas

1.      Definition of Depression: “a sorrow that causes you to turn inward.”

2.     Depression is not a battle to be fought alone.   One theological and practical way to help is lending your faith.

3.     Key to recovery – restoring the struggling person’s hope in God.

4.     Recovery has begun as you see the person turn outward (to others) and upward (to God), not inward (to self).  

5.     Medicine can help, but it should never be a replacement for genuine “heart” work. 

Deepak Reju

Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church

Deepak serves as the Pastor of Biblical Counseling and Families at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC. Deepak does individual and couples counseling, leads groups, develops the vision for the counseling ministry, and supervises the...

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